SafeFill refillable gas cylinders:


Install Oil offer safe fill gas cylinders which can be safely refilled at autogas stations around UK and Europe. Safe fill gas cylinders are ideal for touring caravans and campervans, they are much lighter than standard cylinders, they are also cheaper than standard propane bottles because you can refill them yourself!

The bottles use a standard 37mbar propane regulator.


Price (including VAT)

Large 10kg - £168.00

Medium 7.5kg - £158.00

Small  5kg - £153.00





Product information

  • Automatic overfill prevention device - cannot be refilled past 80%
  • Additional back-check valve if you accidentally forget to close the valve after filling
  • Tamper-proof fittings which only allow gas to exit when connected to an appliance
  • No complicated hoses or adapters to connect - fill gun fits directly onto the Safefill valve.



Cylinder weight & dimensions:

Large 10kg:

Height: 571mm
Diameter: 305mm

LPG capacity: 19.5L

Empty weight: 5kg


Medium 7.5kg:

Height: 468mm
Diameter: 305mm

LPG capacity: 14.5

Empty weight: 4.1kg


Small 5kg:

Height: 384mm
Diameter: 305mm

LPG capacity: 9.5

Empty weight: 3.4kg